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Anastasia, 18, student

IELTS course is a fast and convinent way of learning English. Britanika is the best place to improve your English. I feel very confident about my English level and my English has improved; now I feel prepared for my IELTS exam.

Carolina, 17, student

"The IELTS course of Britanika has a lot of positive features. First of all, the responsibility of teachers guarantees the optimal preparation of students. Secondly, the good organization of materials and information makes the process of learning easier and faster. Thirdly, the good communication between teacher and student makes the course really satisfying and increases efficiency. My English has been improved to a large extent. I have learnt some useful vocabulary, improved writing skills as well as speaking and listening skills".

Sif, 15, student from Denmark

"I like the course at Britanika becasue you can choose what YOU want to learn, you don't have to follow one specific book. You can also choose different subjects, after what you like! So if you hate history you don't have to learn about that. You can develop all your skills in English: listening, reading, writing and speaking.
I can see that now I understand much more English because of all the new words I learned. My spelling has become better and my grammar has improved. I can understand fast spoken English".

Alba, 47, teacher of German language

“The fact that I am still attending this course for a long time now, makes me say positive things on the classes that I have attended and continue to attend at Britanika. The One to One classes are very positive and fulfill the needs of every one. This is a new way of learning a foreign language compared to the language courses that take place in Albania. CLIL is a fruitful methodology.  I am very satisfied by my teacher as she is very professional, excellent teaching method according to my wishes and interests and my expectations. I notice the improvement in my contact and communication with foreigners.”

Nirvana, 21, student
“I liked the fact that I had the option to study individually or in group and on the other side the flexibility to choose the time and days for the classes. The class environment and the fact that the literature was composed of different contemporary subjects which best suited the methodology used by the teacher.
Lastly, but not less important were the teacher’s skills, who noticed form the very beginning my weak points and focused right at their improvement during the course sessions. After the  termination of the course at Britanika, I strengthened my self- confidence and my skills in English in speaking and writing, as well as for achieving the right results in TOEFL exam.”
Ilir, 41, Head of Logistics at Danish Embassy
 “For me, the location of Britanika is very convenient; the flexibility of time and days for the teaching classes is also a plus. The content of the program was on my work and my needs; on the other side I like the professional qualification of the personnel and teaching staff.
The most interesting part is the contemporary information combination with the course materials which helped me in acquiring grammar techniques, writing official letters and emails that have really helped me in my job.
I think I have made progress on listening and writing.”
Eliona , 20, student
What I liked on the development of the teaching classes was to prepare with two teachers, something which at first seemed confusing for IELTS preparation.
Development of the course as individual was an advantage what helped me to work more on the week points in order to improve. Duration and schedule flexibility is an advantage for every student.
I think that the two professors have given their best so that I take the main bases of IELTS test development. Now I feel better at creating essays and choosing the main materials for a correct answer during the IELTS exam.
Eva, 17, student

I am Eva. I have just received the IELTS exam results. I have scored band 7 in overall and especially in reading section I have achieved the score 8.5. I am very happy from the lessons I took in Britanika School because I was really oriented in how to learn. I wish you good luck in your marvelous work!

Sara 18, student

If you aim to achieve higher scores and results in IELTS exam, then Britanika School would be the perfect solution. They provide a specified and unique program which is really efficient and helps us improve the language in a short time period. I think it was worth spending my time in this course because I managed to achieve the overall score 8 and this made me very proud.

Majlinda, economist
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