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IELTS and TOEFL Exams dates

Dear Britanika friends!

The official dates for the English language exams are as follows:

                      IELTS                                           TOEFL

            - 03 March 2018                        - 03 February 2018
            - 24 March 2018                        - 10 February 2018
            - 14 April 2018                           - 02 March 2018
            - 21 April 2018                           - 03 March 2018
            - 12 May 2018                            - 07 April 2018
            - 24 May 2018                            - 21 April 2018
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Because with British the languages are taught differently!!!
5 reasons why to choose Britanika

Britanika is the only language school in Albania that offers CLIL teaching methodology. CLIL is a British method which is approved from the European Union according the Common European Framework of Languages. There are too many reasons why to choose Britanika but here we will mention only 5 main.

                      1.  CLIL Methodology
                      2.  Professional teachers and foreign ones
                      3.  Latest method applied according to EU criteria
                      4.  Courses for all groupages
                      5.  Friendly and warm environment
Spanish language course with a Spanish Professor

Britanika, the top Language School in Albania, offers Spanish language course and also the course preparation for DELE exam. You will find the best methodology (CLIL)  to improve all the language skills.

Here you find what you are looking for... 


Make the right choice!

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