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NEW! Business English for Professionals Workshops

Attention all business professionals! We'd like to announce our two day professional English Business Workshops delivered by our Canadian business English trainer, Bassam Abulibdeh.

1. “Write like a Business Professional in English” Workshop, on 12 and 13 April 2018

This two day workshop will help you improve your business English writing skills and communicate with confidence with your clients, business partners, etc. You will learn everything you need to know about writing reports and business letters and much more!

  • Dates: 12 and 13 April
  • Time: 18:30-20:00
  • Trainer: Bassam Abulibdeh, Canadian business English trainer 
  • Target group: young professionals, people who want to improve their business writing skills in English, using English on daily basis at work

Price: 4.900 Lekë  

2. “Get the job” Workshop, on 17 and 19 April 2018

This workshop will help you with professional CV writing and preparation for job interviews so that you can feel confident and assured during your interview. You will learn how to conduct yourself and the necessary things to say to increase your chances of getting hired.

  • Dates: 17 and 19 April
  • Time: 18:30-20:00
  • Trainer: Bassam Abulibdeh, Canadian business English trainer 
  • Target group: young professionals, people who are looking for better career, applying for a new job in international companies, preparing for a job interview in English

 Price: 4.900 Lekë 

To find our more information about the workshops and sign up click here:

Hurry, our special offer of 4900 LEK is valid only for enrolments until 10th of April!

Why is the CLIL methodology is very good and effective in teaching a foreign language?

CLIL is an acronym which means: (Content and Language Integrated Learning). CLIL is an approach, a philosophy used in ancient Rome where parents preferred their children to be educated in Greek language.

The CLIL term was created in 1994 by David Marsh and seems to be resisting the time test. The idea was to use the language in various forms as a learning medium. The methodology has been applied in a business context in many countries and is widely accepted as a highly effective approach for the students. 
Studying through CLIL can be called a double study, as it focuses simultaneously on the course content and foreign language learning.

Why does the European Commission consider CLIL methodology to be very good?

CLIL has dual focus and orientation.
CLIL refers to the situations where the subjects are taught in a foreign language and the benefit for the student is double, because apart from learing the content of the subject , the student aquires simultaneously the appropriate terminology of the various technical, scientific, juridical etc. fields which are taught in foreign languages.

CLIL saves your precious time
(CLIL) provides language exposure without requiring additional time in the curricula, this can be accomplished by studying two subjects at the same time, e.g. Geography and English.

CLIL develops skills
As a result of CLIL guidelines, the students will have a faster and deeper 
approach in understanding a foreign culture and will be more likely to see a "full picture" in terms of the relationship between language and society.

CLIL enables a wider horizon
Through CLIL, students learn the language through the content. When the content is interesting and meaningful for their studies, they can be more motivated than when the focus is entirely on the "details" of the language (grammar).
By using world-renowned terminology and if possible the topics they have recently studied in their native language, students will be able to learn more, as they will already have gained more knowledge about the content and context of subject. This familiarity enables them to pay more attention to details that would otherwise be lost.

CLIL increases motivation
In many cases, the CLIL method encourages students motivation to learn. This can enable them to progress faster and better.
We use CLIL methodology at Britanika because we want our students to make a faster progress and safer with themselves and in their skills.

Invitation for presentation

All interested persons and participants at the World Education Fair will have the opportunity to take part in the presentation topic:

"How to achieve the highest scores with Britanika in TOEFL/IELTS/SAT/Michigan exams for studies abroad, with lecturer Mrs. Marlise Sanchez-Torres and Mr. Edward Chynoweth, English language teachers at Britanika Foreign Language Center.

Presentations will be held on Friday, February 09th, at 11:00 and Saturday, February 10th, at 15:00, in Hotel Rogner, Presentation Hall.
Because with Britanika, the languages are taught differently!

World education Fair 2018

World Education Fair - The biggest education fair in Albania opens the doors for the seventh consecutive year for all interested persons, on 9-10 February in Tirana! This fair will be attended by representatives of high schools, universities and summer camps from Europe and the USA!

Why you should not miss the World Education Fair?

    - Some of best 30 schools and universities will come to meet with Albanian families
    - Free consultancy offered by Integral staff
    - More than 2000 English language study programs (Bachelor, Master, MBA, PhD)
    - Over 15% discount for bookings during the fair for summer camps
    - Scholarships for high schools and universities
    - Discounts for b
ookings of Centigrade Career Orientation Test
    20% discount for Britanika courses and free testing for all registered during the fair

The dates of World Education Fair:

        Tirana - Hotel Rogner
                                    Shkodër (presentation) - Europa Grand Hotel                           Fier (presentation) - Hotel Fieri

- February 9, 2018 (11:00-18:00)
                                    - February 11, 2018 (17:00-20:00)                                    - February 12, 2018 (17:00-20:00)
- February 10, 2018 (11:00-16:00)

Register online and benefit from our latest offer -10% discount!

Choose your language course and register online at: to take advantage of our latest offer -10% discount for English, German, Italian, Spanish, French language courses as well for language courses for specific purposes.

Because with British the languages are taught differently!!!

IELTS and TOEFL Exams dates

Dear Britanika friends!

The official dates for the English language exams are as follows:

                      IELTS                                           TOEFL

            - 03 March 2018                        - 03 February 2018
            - 24 March 2018                        - 10 February 2018
            - 14 April 2018                           - 02 March 2018
            - 21 April 2018                           - 03 March 2018
            - 12 May 2018                            - 07 April 2018
            - 24 May 2018                            - 21 April 2018

5 reasons why to choose Britanika

Britanika is the only language school in Albania that offers CLIL teaching methodology. CLIL is a British method which is approved from the European Union according the Common European Framework of Languages. There are too many reasons why to choose Britanika but here we will mention only 5 main.
                      1.  CLIL Methodology
                      2.  Professional teachers and foreign ones
                      3.  Latest method applied according to EU criteria
                      4.  Courses for all groupages
​                      5.  Friendly and warm environment

Spanish language course with a Spanish Professor

Britanika, the top Language School in Albania, offers Spanish language course and also the course preparation for DELE exam. You will find the best methodology (CLIL)  to improve all the language skills.

Here you find what you are looking for... 
Make the right choice!

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